Have you ever wondered how to curse in another language? These how-to videos will teach you much more than that.

Learn basic speaking and comprehension skills in many languages, including Sign, French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, English/ESL, German, and more. Become a confident foreign language speaker and find out what the locals are saying about you!

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How To : Count from 1 to 10 in Vietnamese

In this tutorial we learn how to say number 1 to 10 in Vietnamese. When you learn how to say this, make sure you have the accent down right or understand how to read the language. M™t = One, Hai = Two, Ba = Three, Bon = Four, Nam = Five, Sau = Six, Bay = Seven, Tam = Eight, Ch ...more

How To : Say 'what is your name' and 'my name is' in French

Meeting new people can be hard for some people, especially if they're using a different language, like French. This video will teach you how to say "what is your name" and "my name is" in French. To ask someone their name, a stranger or someone older than you, ask, "Comment vo ...more

How To : Use the word "being" correctly in English

Being is a word that can be hard to master for English as a Second Language speakers. It can be used as a gerund, or in present or past continuous tenses. In a present or past continuous tense, being says that it is happening now, or was happening before, in a continual manne ...more

How To : Count from 30 to 40 in French

Watch to learn how to say the numbers from thirty to forty in French. trente - thirty trente et un - thirty-one trente-deux - thirty-two trente-trois - thirty-three trente-quatre - thirty-four trente-cinq - thirty-five trente-six - thirty-six trente-sept - thirty-seven trente- ...more

How To : Use the antes de and despues de verbs in Spanish

In this tutorial, we learn how to speak Spanish: Antes de / despues de + verb. If you want to say "I eat breakfast before I go to school" you will say "yo desayuno antes de ir a la escuela". You will change a verb in the phrase depending on where it is placed in the sentence. ...more

How To : Say "nice to meet you" in French ("enchanté")

In this free video language lesson, you'll learn how to say the French word for "pleased to meet you": "enchanté" or, for women, "enchantée." While French isn't necessarily a very difficult language for an English-speaker to learn, many stumble when it comes to pronunciation. ...more

How To : Count to 10 in French

Watch to learn how to say the numbers from 1 to 10 in French. un - one deux - two trois - three quatre - four cinq - five six - six sept - seven huit - eight neuf - nine dix - ten

How To : Say numbers 1-10 in Hindi

Say numbers 1-10 in Hindi. Watch this tutorial as it tells you how to say the numbers 1-10 in Hindi. one ek two do three teen four chaar five paanch six chah seven saat eight aath nine nau ten dus Follow along with this lesson and you'll be speaking Hindi in no time.

How To : Pronounce the Arabic alphabet

Want to learn Arabic Alphabet? This video will help you learn how to pronounce the Arabic letters easily. The video will show you the Arabic letter along with its English transliteration along with the pronunciation of the letter by a native speaker. After the pronunciation of ...more

How To : Pronounce the English word "alumni"

Today's word is "alumni". This is a noun and the plural form of "alumnus" which means a graduate of a specific school. For example, you can say, "The alumni of the school gathered at the reunion ceremony."

How To : Say "thank you" and "you are welcome" in Shanghai

With the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China this year, the one thing every attendee should know is a little Shanghai dialect. Nothing big, just the key phrases, and the most polite phrases, like "thanks" and "you're welcome." Politeness always wins the best of them, even in fo ...more

How To : Use romantic phrases in Brazilian Portuguese

In this tutorial, we learn how to use romantic phrases in Brazilian Portuguese. These are common phrases that anyone can learn, and can help you in everyday Brazilian Portuguese speech. When you are wanting to compliment someone or tell them something romantic, you can say a n ...more

How To : Say the phrase "I'm going to work" in Spanish

Are you studying abroad in Spain? Then at one point or another you will find yourself in situation of saying either to your roommate or sexy hot fling that you're going to work. In that situation, check out this video to learn how to say "I'm going to work" in Spanish. If yo ...more

How To : Say "thank you" & "you're welcome" in Vietnamese

In this video, we learn how to say "thank you" & "you're welcome" in Vietnamese. To say "thank you" you will say "C‡m _n". To say "thank you very much" you will say "C‡m _n R_t Nhi_u". To say "you're welcome" you will say "Kh™ng C— Chi". To say "no problem" you would say "Kh™n ...more

How To : Pronounce the word "incognito" in English

Today's word is "incognito". This is a noun, adjective and adverb. As an adverb it means without revealing one's identity. For example, you can say, "The movie star traveled incognito in Europe on her honeymoon."

How To : Say the phrase "This food is delicious" in French

Got relatives coming over for Thanksgiving? While entertaining - and sometimes trying not to strangle - loved ones is hard enough on Turkey Day, when those relatives only speak a foreign language, things get plain awkward. If your French sister in law has made a delicious app ...more

How To : Say "excuse me" in perfect Spanish ("Perdon")

In this free video language lesson, you'll learn how to beg someone's pardon in Spanish: "Perdon." Interested in learning Spanish but haven't got the time to take a weekly class? No problemo! The Internet is awash in free, high-quality video lessons like this one. For more inf ...more

How To : Say "What's your schedule this week?" in Chinese

Watch this Chinese video tutorial and learn the useful question "What's your schedule this week?" with your Mandarin teacher Benny. Learn to correctly pronounce the phrase and how to use it in a phrase and out in the real world. Sharpen your Chinese speaking skills.

How To : Say "you are cute" to a woman in Polish

Attention men! Looking to pick up a cute Polish women on your trip to Poland? Tell her how cute you think she is with help from this language instructional video. Learn how to say "you are cute" in Polish, which translates to "Jestes fajna". Ever wanted to learn Polish? Or ar ...more

How To : Count to 20 in French

Watch to learn how to say the numbers from one to twenty in French. un - one deux - two trois - three quatre - four cinq - five six - six sept - seven huit - eight neuf - nine dix - ten onze - eleven douze - twelve treize - thirteen quatorze - fourteen quinze - fifteen seize - ...more

How To : Say "What's going on?" in Hindi

As soon as you say 'Hi' you would ask what's up? or what's going on? Same expression is expressed as 'Aur Kya Chal Reha hai?' in Hindi which means "What's going on?" Just a try!!

How To : Count from 10 to 100 in French

Watch to learn how to count by tens from 10 to 100 in French. dix - ten vingt - twenty trente - thirty quarante - forty cinquante - fifty soixante - sixty soixante-dix - seventy quatre-vingts - eighty quatre-vingt-dix - ninety cent - one hundred

How To : Use the slash punctuation mark

Here is a useful guide to using the slash punctuation mark. Make sure you know where to appropriately place this punctuation mark, and use your slashes properly in your English writing. Use the slash punctuation mark. Click through to watch this video on videojug.com

Say basic phrases in Polish : "please" & "thank you"

Before you embark your journey to Poland, first learn some manners! In this "basic survival Polish lesson" learn how to say such phrases in Polish as: "please", "thank you", and "that's alright". Ever wanted to learn Polish? Or are you planning a trip to Poland? WonderHowTo i ...more

How To : Say "I Love You" in Cherokee

Check out this instructional language video to learn how to speak Cherokee! In this lesson, learn how to say "I Love You" (Gvgeyu) in the Eastern (Giduwa) dialect of the Cherokee language. This video utilizes a repetition tactic and visual examples to help you memorize the wor ...more

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